As well as one-to-one GMAT Focus Edition tutoring, I also offer an 8-lesson GMAT Fundamentals Course.
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Are you ambitious, with a solid GPA and good work experience, but need help acing the GMAT?
Let’s work together. I’ve taught hundreds of students how to navigate the GMAT and achieve their target score, and I can help you, too. After working with me, you will learn the correct solution pathway to solve any question the GMAT Focus Edition can throw at you!

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Looking to break 700? I’m your guy.

Hi, my name is Paul and I’m a professional GMAT tutor. I’ve been teaching the GMAT since 2013 and standardized tests since 2002. I’m a top 1% scorer on the GMAT with a 6.0 AWA and I teach the GMAT Focus Edition to students around the world, every day. I know the tips and tricks that can help you ace the test, but I also understand the “DNA” of the GMAT Focus Edition, which I will share with you. Once you understand how the test-makers think, you’ll be well on your way to an excellent GMAT score!

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If you’re a high achiever who has done well at school and work, but who now feels overwhelmed by the GMAT Focus Edition, I can help. I’ve coached 100’s of students through the GMAT and into the business school of their dreams, and I can help you, too. The first thing to realize is that the GMAT is not a typical test, and preparing for it requires a new mindset and a fresh approach.

If you’ve been self-studying but your score hasn’t budged, even if you’ve put in huge hours, I know why. The reason has to do with the quality of your study, rather than the quantity. Doing many practice problems without developing the proper approach will simply wear you down and demotivate you.

Do you find it hard to stick to a study routine, week-after-week? You may simply need the structure and support that a professional tutor can provide. Most students prepare for 3 months, which is a long time and many hours getting familiar with very specific test material. Even the most dedicated learner needs a coach in his or her corner!

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One-to-One Tutoring

Personal attention is a proven way to prepare for the GMAT. In our private lessons, I will be focused on your preferred learning style and I will tailor my teaching method so that you can maximise your potential and achieve your target score.
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Essay Writing

If you’d like help with an essay, either for a business school application or a scholarship submission, I can help. From the brainstorming stage, through outlining, structuring, writing and proofreading, I can help you put your best foot forward! A well-structured, well-written statement will help you communicate your unique story.
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On-Demand Classes

Studying online with on-demand classes can be an economical way to prepare for the GMAT. I offer an 8-lesson course that’s easy to fit into your busy schedule. Reduce the cost and still get a great education you can return to any time!

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Application Prep

Slogging through multiple business school applications is tedious. Preparing separate personal statements for each school can also be a challenge, as it’s tempting to copy n’ paste. If you’d like personal attention all the way through, I can help. I’ve worked with many students as they shape and communicate their personal brand.

One-to-one tutoring and GMAT course options available:

 I offer a range of proven course and tutoring options tailored specifically to fit the most common needs and budgets of my students. Whether you’re just starting your GMAT journey, are looking to boost your score, or are aiming to break 700, I have a course or tutoring package that’s right for you. With my expert guidance and the comprehensive resources I will provide, you can be confident that you will achieve your GMAT goals.

Just Starting Out
Or On a Budget?



8-Lesson GMAT
Fundamentals Course

Pre-recorded, on-demand, online GMAT course based on 20 years of GMAT tutoring experience.

☑ 13.5 hours of on-demand videos
☑ Comprehensive homework to help you master the material
☑ Access to online Q&A with Paul
☑ Unlimited email support
☑ Discounted one-to-one tutoring for course participants

Key concepts distilled into 8 succinct lessons:
Great for busy people!

This course helps you master the 8 key elements of the GMAT, even if you’re just starting out.

Cut out the overwhelm and learn the most important strategies to prepare for the GMAT.

Looking to Boost Your Score on the GMAT?



15 Hours of Private One-to-One Tutoring With Paul

Personal, hands-on tuition that is 100% tailored to your individual needs and areas of concern.

Reserve a guaranteed time slot in Paul’s weekly schedule.

Through 90-minute lessons and hand-picked homework exercises, Paul will help you achieve GMAT proficiency in just 10 lessons!

Learn proven, expert strategies for all seven GMAT question types:

☑ Problem Solving
☑ Data Sufficiency
☑ Sentence Correction
☑ Critical Reasoning
☑ Reading Comprehension
☑ Analytical Writing Assessment
☑ Integrated Reasoning


Aiming to Break 700 on the GMAT Exam?



Combination GMAT Course + 15hrs of Private Tutoring

Our most popular package! Get both the GMAT Fundamentals Course and 15hrs of private tuition and save £399!

This package is the most effective way to achieve a 700+ score on the GMAT and get into your preferred business school.

Draw on my experience as a Harvard University graduate and top 1% GMAT scorer. I have 20+ years of experience teaching for elite agencies in NYC and London and I am a content creator for Economist GMAT Tutor.

I also have experience with AD/HD, learning difficulties, test anxiety, poor organization and other special needs.

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Every lesson plan is 100% tailored to your individual learning style.

I will help you master each component of the GMAT, including:

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Analytical Writing

Learn the 3-step method for constructing a 6.0 response. Learn how to attack the argument and generate insightful counter-arguments and examples. Write a 6.0 AWA even if it comes last and you’re tired from the exam.
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Data Sufficiency

Master the strategies that the best test takers know. Learn a simple method to quickly answer difficult inequality problems. Data Sufficiency Geometry problems can be hard – learn the easy steps for successful reasoning.
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Problem Solving

The best solutions are the most abstract. Learn high-concept approaches that avoid calculation and save time. Identify the solution pathway GMAC wants you to find – the one other students are missing!
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Critical Reasoning

Learn to dissect the Argument and identify the Conclusion, making the logic very clear / simple. Learn how to easily eliminate wrong answer choices. On Assumption questions, learn how to quickly verify that you’ve selected the correct answer.

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Sentence Correction

You don’t need a PhD in grammar to do well. Simply learn the 3 most important grammar rules that account for 90% of the SC questions. Learn the simple comparison strategy that will help you quickly eliminate 3 out of 5 possible answer choices.
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Reading Comprehension

Speed reading isn’t necessary. Just learn to identify the trap answers that are planted to distract you from the correct answer choice. Learn why process of elimination (P.O.E.) is a better strategy than attempting to identify the correct answer.
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Integrated Reasoning

Don’t ignore this section. Master the multi-media format so you can quickly answer questions involving tables, graphs, charts, paragraph text or multiple sources. I will work with you on Multi-Source Reasoning, Table Analysis, Graphics Interpretation and Two-Part Analysis, so you are prepared for any IR question that appears on test day!
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Mastering the content on the GMAT is critical, but learning how to quickly move through the test is equally important. This is a revelation for most test-takers, as traditional education focuses on accuracy first, and speed, perhaps, secondarily. Not so with the GMAT. The pacing of the test is as important as your content knowledge or your ability to solve questions.
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Computer Adaptive

Although the GMAT algorithm is a closely-guarded secret, you must appreciate certain of its features, such as why Quant percentiles are so low, that a strong Verbal score is required to break 700, that the GMAT severely penalises incomplete sections, that your experience on test day will be inversely correlated with your score, and how to boost your score by skipping questions.
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Interested in the course? Here is the syllabus:

Week 1

Fractions, Decimals, Percents

Week 2


Week 3

Word Problems

Week 4


Week 5

Number Properties

Week 6

Sentence Correction

Week 7

Reading Comprehension and Critical Reasoning

Week 8

AWA and Integrated Reasoning

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions I often get asked:

How many hours a day should I study for the GMAT?
90 minutes, twice a day. 5 days a week. Marathon study sessions don’t work; neither does cramming.
Why is the GMAT hard?
The GMAT is a time-pressured exam that adapts to your competency level. That means that throughout the test, you will be served questions that are often beyond your ability. This is an unusual experience for most test-takers, as there is little precedent for this type of adaptive test in standard high-school and college curricula. Additionally, the GMAT tests both your verbal acuity and quant skills, so it punishes imbalanced students. If you are particularly weak in one area or the other, the test will expose your weakness.
Which is more important, Quant or Verbal?
Although most people worry about their Quant performance, it’s often an improvement in their Verbal score that moves the needle. Because of the grading curve for Quant, a strong raw score is often in the 60-70th percentile. Verbal, however, is statistically more difficult, so if you can ace it, your score will climb considerably.
Can I study for the GMAT on my own?
Of course! There are certain very good resources out there, both in print and online. However, many students find a structured study plan with an experienced tutor invaluable in helping them achieve an outstanding score. Many students want to ensure they perform as well as possible on test day, given the high stakes and the competitive nature of top business school admissions.
How long does it take to prepare for the GMAT?
On average, it takes 3 months of dedicated studying. You can do this while working full-time, but you will have to study on the weekend (both Saturday and Sunday).
Which section is hardest?
Many students find Critical Reasoning difficult because it requires an understanding of logical abstraction. On the quant side, Data Sufficiency intimidates students because it uses a novel format to test knowledge. Both of these types of questions can be mastered with the right understanding and practice.
What about self-study with an app or online?
Software packages have come a long way since I started tutoring in 2002. Some of them are quite good and can provide a useful supplement to private tutoring. Others are rubbish. The main shortcoming of apps, however, is that they don’t provide accountability, support or encouragement. It’s easy to trail off and stop using an app, whereas scheduled classes with an instructor are hard to skip. Nor does software provide a truly tailored experience or adapt to students who have special needs.
Does my score on IR and AWA matter?
The way to think about these is that they represent downside risk, rather than upside potential. What that means is that a fantastic IR score of 8 and an AWA of 6 will not get you into a top MBA program if your three-digit score is lacking. The IR/AWA cannot actively get your across the line, whereas a 760 may.

On the downside, however, if you have a strong overall score out of 800 and you have an IR score of 2 or below and/or an AWA of 3 or below, then your application may be in trouble. The MBA program may ask you to re-sit the test, or take an in-house writing exam, or they may simply reject your application. Basically, a very low score on either IR or AWA will tarnish your application and raise some eyebrows within the admissions committee.

Make your business school dreams come true!

I’ve helped my students get into many top-ranked schools, including:

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