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On-Demand, Online GMAT Fundamentals Course:
Perfect For Those Just Starting Out Or On a Budget

Join me as I unpack the GMAT in eight fun, effective, solution-focused lessons

In just 8 lessons you’ll be ready to confidently take the GMAT exam, without relying on gimmicks, tricks or silly “techniques.” My name is Paul and I teach a content-based approach to the GMAT, so you’ll know how to solve any problem you encounter. I’ve been a professional tutor since I graduated from Harvard in 2002 and I’ve specialised in the GMAT for the last decade. Join my course and reach your GMAT goals!

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Find Out If the Course Is For You in a FREE 15 Min Consult

☑ 13.5 hours of on-demand video replays
☑ Extensive homework set within each lesson to continue your preparation
☑ Access to free online Question and Answers with Paul after each lesson
☑ Unlimited email support
☑ Discounted one-to-one tutoring for course participants

Interested in my course? Here is the syllabus:

Lesson 1

Fractions, Decimals, Percents

  • Learn to problem-solve using basic mathematical concepts
  • In addition to FDP, this module covers Digits and Ratios
  • Approximation and Estimation techniques

Lesson 2:


  • ‍Learn the best techniques for setting-up equations
  • Learn to translate word problems into mathematical expressions
  • Formulas, Inequalities, Roots and Exponents are also covered

Lesson 3:

Word Problems

  • Master “Rate & Work” problems
  • Algebraic Translations
  • Statistics and Consecutive Integers

Lesson 4:


  • ‍Learn all the formulas, strategies and techniques
  • Master Data Sufficiency (Geometry) problems
  • Triangles, Circles, Cylinders and the Coordinate Plane

Lesson 5:

Number Properties

  • Confront the hardest and most abstract concepts on the GMAT
  • Learn how to think about Divisibility and Prime Numbers
  • Master Combinatorics and Probability

Lesson 6:

Sentence Correction

  • Leverage this question type to boost your Verbal score
  • Master the 3 most-tested English grammar concepts
  • Learn the Double-Filter strategy to eliminate wrong answers

Lesson 7:

Reading Comprehension and Critical Reasoning

  • Learn the “Nounify” trick for Reading Comprehension
  • Master how to read at a “Meta” level for Main Idea questions
  • 8-step strategy for answering Critical Reasoning questions

Lesson 8:

AWA and Integrated Reasoning

  • Are these two modules important to my overall GMAT score?
  • Learn the 3 must-do steps to guarantee a 5 (or higher) AWA score
  • Eliminate distractions and focus on relevant information (IR)

There Are Lots of GMAT Courses Out There. Why Choose This One?

My goal in designing this course was to make understanding and acing the GMAT as simple and convenient as possible. Most GMAT prep courses have hundreds of lessons. Who has time for that? Some people never get started with their GMAT prep because they’re overwhelmed with the vast number of resources and topics involved in successful preparation.

The GMAT is a difficult exam, for sure; I’m not going to sugar-coat that. But, preparing for it doesn’t have to be hard or confusing. By keeping my lessons to under 2 hours, and breaking the whole exam into 8 simple modules, I’ve given you a digestible and manageable amount of content that will accelerate your prep and guide you to GMAT success.

Take a look at the testimonials below, and on the site of my main tutoring business, and you’ll see that a wide range of students have learned from my methods, with many going on to the best business schools and master’s programs around the world. If you have a GMAT goal or business school in mind, my GMAT Fundamentals course can help you realise your dreams, too.

I’ve been a professional tutor since graduating from Harvard in 2002, and I’ve been teaching the GMAT, specifically, for over 10 years. I know what you need to master for the exam, and just as importantly, I know what you can ignore. I’ve designed this course with no fluff and in the most accessible way possible, especially for those with limited or weak math skills.

Just as trying to diagnose a medical issue by randomly Googling your symptoms is a bad idea, trying to learn the GMAT by endlessly scrolling Youtube videos or reading random GMAT books will only leave you overwhelmed and bewildered. Do yourself a favor and sign-up for this course and in about 2 months, you’ll be hitting your target GMAT score.

Watch the course, take some notes, do practice problems and you will ace the GMAT! I’m so sure my course will help you succeed at the GMAT that if you don’t increase your score by at least 100 points I’ll give you your money back!

Have Questions or Concerns? Here Are Some FAQs:

Q: Can I Take This Course At My Own Pace?

This course is meant to be done in order, but you will be given access to all the videos when you purchase. If you’d like to binge and watch them quickly, you can do so, though I don’t recommend that.

Q: How Long Do I Have Access to the Course?

Unlike many larger tutoring companies that will only give you access to their courses for 4 months to one year, we offer courses that come with lifetime access and no recurring payments.

Q: What Happens If I Am Unhappy With the Course?

If you complete the entire course and all the homework and you do not achieve at least a 100 point increase in your score, I will give you your money back.

In order to qualify for a refund, a student must demonstrate that he or she has done all the assigned homework, including all the problem sets from various books, including the GMAC Official Guide series and others. Proof can be satisfied by submitting scanned sheets of all problems attempted and corrected, with correct solutions and workings-out clearly labeled on the page. All problems marked incorrect must be reattempted until the student demonstrates the correct answer in his or her own handwriting. Determination as to whether the submitted documents constitute “completion of all assigned homework” is at the sole discretion of Veritas Tutoring, Ltd.

Q: How Do I Know If This Course Is For Me?

This course was designed as a fundamentals course for people who know nothing about the GMAT or who are just starting studying for it with some basic knowledge. It also contains some elements for more advanced students. It is broad and comprehensive, and will warm students up to the GMAT and familiarise them with the test and all its approaches, but to be successful further preparation after the course will be required. The ongoing practice work required after this course concludes will be explained in the lessons.

Q: Why Can’t I Just Learn the GMAT From Books and Youtube Videos?

Trying to learn how to prepare for the GMAT by Googling for books and YouTube videos is like going on WebMD to self-diagnose your own medical issues (it’s a bad idea!). This course represents the distillation of ten years of GMAT instruction and has been designed in a convenient format that will will help you ace the GMAT.

Q: Why Should I Choose You Over a Bigger Tutoring Agency?

There are a few reasons to choose me over bigger agencies:

1. Pinnacle GMAT is a boutique tutoring business – GMAT is my main focus. Agencies usually offer many different tutoring services so they aren’t as specialised.

2. Other courses are overwhelming. They have dozens, if not hundreds, of short videos; finishing such a course may take many months. My approach is “content-based,” meaning I actually teach the relevant math and English grammar so that you can understand the material, rather than rely upon gimmicks or “shortcuts” that will never result in a truly outstanding score.

3. I spend my days in the trenches, tutoring students for the GMAT. I have direct access to students on an ongoing basis, which makes me more adaptable to students’ needs. That also means I often recognise patterns that arise, including obstacles and stumbling blocks that may get missed by bigger companies, which often have a disconnect between their course-creators and their tutors.

Q: Will This Course Help Me Score Over 700 on the GMAT?

This GMAT Fundamentals Course is meant to supplement self-study for the GMAT. Completing the assigned homework is critical to achieve a good score, but personalised tutoring may be necessary if your goal is to achieve 700 or higher on the GMAT.

Q: What Other Resources Will I Need?

The course contains a module explaining what resources you will need to use to prepare for the GMAT.

Q: What If I Feel Like I Need One-to-One Help?

If you feel like you need one-to-one help to understand particular aspects of the GMAT or to work on areas of weakness, I am available for individual tutoring. Just email courses@pinnaclegmat.com to book in a free 30-minute initial consultation.

Just £399 For the GMAT Fundamentals Course, Or If You Feel Like You Would Benefit From Individual Attention, Consider a One-to-One Tutoring Package

 I offer a range of proven course and tutoring options tailored specifically to fit the most common needs and budgets of my students. Whether you’re just starting your GMAT journey, are looking to boost your score, or are aiming to break 700, I have a course or tutoring package that’s right for you. With my expert guidance and the comprehensive resources I will provide, you can be confident that you will achieve your GMAT goals.

Just Starting Out
Or On a Budget?



8-Lesson GMAT
Fundamentals Course

Pre-recorded, on-demand, online GMAT course based on 20 years of GMAT tutoring experience.

☑ 13.5 hours of on-demand videos
☑ Comprehensive homework to help you master the material
☑ Access to online Q&A with Paul
☑ Unlimited email support
☑ Discounted one-to-one tutoring for course participants

Key concepts distilled into 8 succinct lessons:
Great for busy people!

This course helps you master the 8 key elements of the GMAT, even if you’re just starting out.

Cut out the overwhelm and learn the most important strategies to prepare for the GMAT.

Looking to Boost Your Score on the GMAT?



15 Hours of Private One-to-One Tutoring With Paul

Personal, hands-on tuition that is 100% tailored to your individual needs and areas of concern.

Reserve a guaranteed time slot in Paul’s weekly schedule.

Through 90-minute lessons and hand-picked homework exercises, Paul will help you achieve GMAT proficiency in just 10 lessons!

Learn proven, expert strategies for all seven GMAT question types:

☑ Problem Solving
☑ Data Sufficiency
☑ Sentence Correction
☑ Critical Reasoning
☑ Reading Comprehension
☑ Analytical Writing Assessment
☑ Integrated Reasoning


Aiming to Break 700 on the GMAT Exam?



Combination GMAT Course + 15hrs of Private Tutoring

Our most popular package! Get both the GMAT Fundamentals Course and 15hrs of private tuition and save £299!

This package is the most effective way to achieve a 700+ score on the GMAT and get into your preferred business school.

Draw on my experience as a Harvard University graduate and top 1% GMAT scorer. I have 20+ years of experience teaching for elite agencies in NYC and London and I am a content creator for Economist GMAT Tutor.

I also have experience with AD/HD, learning difficulties, test anxiety, poor organization and other special needs.

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Why my GMAT Fundamentals Course is the affordable way to prep for the GMAT that will help you to succeed, guaranteed!

Hi, my name is Paul and I’m a professional GMAT tutor who specialises in test prep and online GMAT courses. I’ve been teaching the GMAT since 2013 and standardized tests since 2002. A top 1% scorer on the GMAT with a 6.0 AWA, I teach the GMAT to students around the world, every day. I know the tips and tricks that can help you ace the test, but I also understand the “DNA” of the GMAT, which I will share with you. Once you understand how the test-makers think, you’ll be on your way to a great GMAT score and that coveted admission offer from your top choice school!

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Interested in one-to-one GMAT tutoring?
Every lesson plan is 100% tailored to your individual learning style.

I will help you master each component of the GMAT, including:

Interested in one-to-one GMAT tutoring?
Every lesson plan is 100% tailored to your individual learning style.

I will help you master each component of the GMAT, including:
Analytical Writing, Data Sufficiency, Problem Solving, Critical Reasoning, Pacing, Sentence Correction, Reading Comprehension, Integrated Reasoning, Computer Adaptive

GMAT Analytical writing icon

Analytical Writing

Learn the 3-step method for constructing a 6.0 response. Learn how to attack the argument and generate insightful counter-arguments and examples. Write a 6.0 AWA even if it comes last and you’re tired from the exam.

GMAT Data Sufficiency icon

Data Sufficiency

Master the strategies that the best test takers know. Learn a simple method to quickly answer difficult inequality problems. Data Sufficiency Geometry problems can be hard – learn the easy steps for successful reasoning.

GMAT Problem Solving icon

Problem Solving

The best solutions are the most abstract. Learn high-concept approaches that avoid calculation and save time. Identify the solution pathway GMAC wants you to find – the one other students are missing!

GMAT Critical Reasoning icon

Critical Reasoning

Learn to dissect the Argument and identify the Conclusion, making the logic very clear and simple. Learn how to easily eliminate wrong answer choices. On Assumption questions, learn how to quickly verify that you’ve selected the correct answer.

GMAT Sentence Correction icon

Sentence Correction

You don’t need a PhD in grammar to do well. Simply learn the 3 most important grammar rules that account for 90% of the SC questions. Learn the simple comparison strategy that will help you quickly eliminate 3 out of 5 possible answer choices.

GMAT Reading Comprehension icon

Reading Comprehension

Speed reading isn’t necessary. Just learn to identify the trap answers that are planted to distract you from the correct answer choice. Learn why process of elimination (P.O.E.) is a better strategy than attempting to identify the correct answer.

GMAT Integrated Reasoning icon

Integrated Reasoning

Don’t ignore this section. Master the multi-media format so you can quickly answer questions involving tables, graphs, charts, paragraph text or multiple sources. I will work with you on Multi-Source Reasoning, Table Analysis, Graphics Interpretation and Two-Part Analysis, so you are prepared for any IR question that appears on test day!

GMAT Pacing icon


Mastering the content on the GMAT is critical, but learning how to quickly move through the test is equally important. This is a revelation for most test-takers, as traditional education focuses on accuracy first, and speed, perhaps, secondarily. Not so with the GMAT. The pacing of the test is as important as your content knowledge or your ability to solve questions.

GMAT Computer Adaptive icon

Computer Adaptive

Although the GMAT algorithm is a closely-guarded secret, you must appreciate certain of its features, such as why Quant percentiles are so low, that a strong Verbal score is required to break 700, that the GMAT severely penalises incomplete sections, that your experience on test day will be inversely correlated with your score, and how to boost your score by skipping questions.

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Make your business school dreams come true!

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